The following example consists of a messy handwritten page with the melody, and the six measures of the figured bass ground tucked away on the bottom of the page.  Lisa's arrangement realizes the figured bass, which is played by both hands of the piano for the first statement of the ground.  Since the instrumental forces consist of 1 recorder with piano, after the initial intro of the ground, the recorder takes the melody, which is then repeated in canon by the rh of the piano, substituting for the 2nd flute.  The lh of the piano continues to provide the ground bass.  Rehearsal letters are provided to mark each repetition of the ground.  Measure numbers also aid the performers in locating and orienting themselves in the piece. The extracted recorder part is also provided here.


The messy original.  Note the sparse figured bass at the bottom.

The first page of the full score arrangement for piano and recorder:


The extraction of the recorder part:


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